The first year of technical support for LED UV Flatbed Printers & LED UV Printer Roll to Roll is FREE
for customers located in
the Greater Toronto Area(Including Ontario).
Montreal(Including Quebec) and New York City(Including New York State).
Buffalo, Boston, Detroit, Chicago

Successful businesses today all operate
with the same basic principles -
maximizing the ROI and minimizing costs!

At LavaPrint, we make UV Flatbed Printers / Flatbed cutters affordable for everyone!
At a time when everybody is cutting back and looking for affordable alternatives,
LavaPrint offers you Flatbed Cutting Tables / UV Flatbed Printers that are
a fraction of the brand name prices.

Our UV Flatbed Printers use the exact same high quality print heads and software. However, that’s where the similarities end because at LavaPrint
our UV Flatbed Printers have an Open Concept Design.
This allows for extremely simple, do it yourself maintenance,
such as changing lamps, print-heads and dampers.
Thusly, eliminating the need for pricy 'service calls.'

So, identical high end parts and software
you’ll find on brand name labels (for both our printers & cutters).
An open concept design for easy, do it yourself maintenance
eliminating the need for expensive service calls.
All combined in a solid built, high quality printing workhorse for a fraction of the price.

Why Buy Chinese UV Flatbed printers?
The best UV Flatbed printers and flatbed cutters are made in China, not in USA or Japan. Because China produces the most machines each month, this huge production can guarantee the best quality and stability of machines. Our machine manufacturer has extensive experience and improve machine quality every day.

Why Buy Chinese Flatbed cutters?
Our cutter manufacturer sold over 3000 of all kinds of cutters each year. Most of the cutters sold in the USA are from our manufacturer, but with different labels and much more expensive than ours prices. In fact, for any cutter of the same type, a Lava Print Label will always be much cheaper.

Why choose LavaPrint UV Flatbed printers?
We are your best partner in the printing industrial.
We have strong relationships with all Chinese manufacturers since 1998. We gave our manufacturers a lot of suggestions to improve the machine quality according to USA standards. We know all the secrets for all Chinese machines. That's why we can give you the best support.

We are confident that our LED UV printer are the best among any in the printer industry.

In addition to that, there are many behind-the-scenes factors that we are proud of as well. While few other printers can match these results, even fewer can compete with LavaPrint's advantage in simplicity of operation and durability in machine design. Any consumable parts are standard and cheaply replaced. So aside from the end result, the machine maintenance and operation costs are very economical.

With such confidence in our product and our expert knowledge in the field, we are proud to offer technical support for the machine. Most of the time we are able to resolve an issue simply by receiving a documenting photo from the customer, but if absolutely required, we can of course perform on-site service.

The LavaPrint Advantage
LavaPrint produces the best printers in the industry by paying attention to detail in every aspect of the product. Our printers enjoy innovations that improve their mechanical, electronic and ink-line systems.

Our printers weigh 3600 kgs(8000 pounds), as opposed to the average 1200 kgs (2600 pounds)of other printers of the same class on the market. This reflects the more robust design that makes our printers much stronger, much more stable, much less prone to vibrations.

All printers are extremely sensitive machines and the very act of moving it with a fork lift could warp the frame of the machine in a small but sufficient amount to affect the printing quality. Some machines therefore warn the user to never transport it with a forklift, but only by pushing it on its own wheels. LavaPrints machines do not worry about this. You can use a lift to transport the machine, because in addition to a robust, stable design, our printer has built-in adjustable mechanisms to calibrate it into perfect condition once settled into the new location.

LavaPrint's y-axis rails feature incredible accuracy, down to 1 µm (micrometer), which is much more accurate than the current standards in other machines of 140 µm. This allows for fewer numbers of passes that produce the same results as more passes on less accurate machines. This translates to up to a 100% increase in speed along the y-axis compared to other models.

The electronic components of our machines are both advanced and robust. All electrical components are protected against power spikes. Accidental increase in voltage will cause the machine to safely shut down and avoid damage.

The ground wire system protects it from environmental electrical hazards including lightning strikes.

The machine is also protected by an electromagnetic filter. In a factory environment, sometimes there is data loss during printing due to electromagnetic interference with other machines or currents in proximity. With our printers you will never have to worry about such strange and accidental data loss.

LavaPrint's ink system is also highly accurate. The negative pressure of the ink is controlled to an accuracy of 0.01 kPa (kilopascals), compared to the accuracy of all other models on the market, at an accuracy of only 0.1 kPa. Accurate control of the negative pressure keeps the ink at perfect printing condition. Too little negative pressure causes the ink to flow out uncontrollably, while too much negative pressure draws air bubbles into the ink line, also halting printing. Maintaining the negative pressure at high accuracy is essential to reliable printing.

The three systems of a printer must come together to create a perfect machine. With LavaPrint's advantages in each of the mechanical, electronic, and ink systems, our printers are of unrivalled quality. We can confidently say that although there are more than a hundred manufacturers in China and around the world that can make superficially similar machines, LavaPrint has the leading edge in R&D and in-depth knowledge of the machines and the industry. For example, the expected lifetime of our scan motors for in our printers is at least 8 years, and this is the highest standard globally. The same part, but by other manufacturers of lesser quality, would last only one year.
5 years warranty for any mechanical component of the machine.
3 years warranty for any electrical components of the machine, such as the mainboard.
Naturally, the warranty does not include any consumable parts.
Heavy Duty Printer: 7950 pounds(78118 Series).
Mechanical Accuracy of 1 µm (micrometer).
All electrical components are protected against power spikes.
Negative pressure accuracy of 0.01 kPa (kilopascals).
With identical printheads, printing speed is doubled due to increased accuracy, requiring less passes.
LED UV Lamp lasts up to 100,000 hours.
Water Cooling System: Minimal impact on printing accuracy compared to air fans.
High Quality LED UV Ink: Enables 4-color printing to replace 6-color printing(14pL ink drop size).
Lava Printer launched Ricoh G4/G5 LED UV Flatbed Printer since Aug. 2013.
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