The first year of technical support for LED UV Flatbed Printers & LED UV Printer Roll to Roll is FREE
for customers located in
the Greater Toronto Area.

Successful businesses today all operate
with the same basic principles -
maximizing the ROI and minimizing costs!

At LavaPrint, we make UV Flatbed Printers / Flatbed cutters affordable for everyone!
At a time when everybody is cutting back and looking for affordable alternatives,
LavaPrint offers you Flatbed Cutting Tables / UV Flatbed Printers that are
a fraction of the brand name prices.

Our UV Flatbed Printers use the exact same high quality print heads and software. However, that’s where the similarities end because at LavaPrint
our UV Flatbed Printers have an Open Concept Design.
This allows for extremely simple, do it yourself maintenance,
such as changing lamps, print-heads and dampers.
Thusly, eliminating the need for pricy 'service calls.'

So, identical high end parts and software
you’ll find on brand name labels (for both our printers & cutters).
An open concept design for easy, do it yourself maintenance
eliminating the need for expensive service calls.
All combined in a solid built, high quality printing workhorse for a fraction of the price.

Why Buy Chinese UV Flatbed printers?
The best UV Flatbed printers and flatbed cutters are made in China, not in USA or Japan. Because China produces the most machines each month, this huge production can guarantee the best quality and stability of machines. Our machine manufacturer has extensive experience and improve machine quality every day.

Why Buy Chinese Flatbed cutters?
Our cutter manufacturer sold over 3000 of all kinds of cutters each year. Most of the cutters sold in the USA are from our manufacturer, but with different labels and much more expensive than ours prices. In fact, for any cutter of the same type, a Lava Print Label will always be much cheaper.

Why choose LavaPrint UV Flatbed printers?
We are your best partner in the printing industrial.
We have strong relationships with all Chinese manufacturers since 1998. We gave our manufacturers a lot of suggestions to improve the machine quality according to USA standards. We know all the secrets for all Chinese machines. That's why we can give you the best support.
Lava Printer launched Ricoh G4/G5 LED UV Flatbed Printer since Aug. 2013.
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